Dispute Resolution including Oil and Gas Industry sector

Dispute Resolution

Resolving Commercial DisputesDispute resolution represents the bulk of Dallas & Co’s work, particularly within the oil and gas industry sector.

When dealing with commercial disputes of this nature, Dallas & Co’s core philosophy is geared towards keeping their client’s case out of court wherever possible.

A more satisfactory solution for all parties concerned is dispute resolution, whether it involves mediation or international arbitration.

Dallas & Co’s highly experienced, lawyer, Irene Dallas, is adept at resolving disputes both nationally and internationally and therefore avoiding costly and often lengthy litigation. Working within a variety of countries from Azerbaijan to Zurich provides an understanding of local law and its particular idiosyncrasies.

Avoiding litigation where at all possible can be crucial to a company’s health and no one understands this more than Dallas & Co. Working proactively and on a very personal level ensures the best possible outcome for an organisation involved in a commercial dispute.

litigation may be the only avenue, but Dallas & Co will always seek to resolve the issue outside the courtroom first and foremost. As a successful international law practice, you can rely on Dallas & Co’s commitment to value-for-money solutions whilst offering practical, forward-thinking legal advice.

Whether you need a commercial lawyer in Kazakhstan, Stockholm or Libya, the approach is always of the same exacting standards, with the solution tailored to your company’s needs.

For practical legal advice, based on a reputation for success, contact Irene Dallas – an expert in the field of dispute resolution.