Commercial Litigation UK, Libya, Azerbaijan, Baku, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, Stockholm & Zurich

Commercial Litigation

When all avenues have been explored, including mediation and arbitration, litigation may be the only solution,

Dallas & Cos range of expertise extends to commercial litigation and can offer legal advice to a wide range of corporate clients in many countries. We offer litigation services in countries such as LibyaAzerbaijan, Baku, Russia, Kazakhstan, Stockholm and Zurich as well as the United States and United Kingdom.

As we take the time to get to know your company, we will provide the appropriate litigation to ensure the best possible outcome, whether nationally or internationally.

Our solutions are pragmatic rather than theoretical, ensuring your company can protect its rights and recover relevant compensation wherever appropriate.

As a sole proprietorship, we will work efficiently and effectively to ensure the litigation process runs smoothly. Whilst our service may be highly tailored to your needs it is always cost-effective